David Sims: Newsea’s TellMe Hairstyle Converted

Hairstyles: Newsea’s TellMe Hairstyle Converted from David Sims

 David Sims: Newseas TellMe Hairstyle Converted

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  1. Shelby says

    I have downloaded 7Zip to extract/unpack my .package files, but for some reason I can’t. My computer brings up a message that says it cannot open file as an archive. I’m not really sure what this means or how to fix it. Can anyone help me?

    • Julia says

      I would try to download WinRar. It can also open 7zip files but every other too. I have WinRar and it works perfectly!

    • junai says

      hi I think you should install a zip installer (preferably winwar) then download the file, right click the download select extract here and place the extracted files into your sims 4 mods folder. I have downloaded mods for a long time and they never seemed to work until I did that.

  2. Random person says

    K so I’ve been trying to find out how to get those costom design things and I just don’t know what to download. I really want them. Can anyone please tell me how?

    • says

      Well the game has many glitches and complications so many things will happen but when you downloaded it did you put in library/downloads/ copy the hair/documents/electronic arts/sims 4 /mods/then paste in there!

    • Julia says

      Maybe the problem is that you don’t have the mesh. Many Hairstyles are based on an mesh and you have to download the mesh too. At first I also didn’t know that. But now everything works!

  3. elvedith says

    To fix the strange occurrences with Sims 4 CC hair, go to game options, turn off laptop mode, and restart your game.

  4. Jess says

    I am having the same issues. The hair shows up normally in create a sim, yet when I go into live mode, the hair in the sims avatar is bright blue, and the hair ON the sim itself looks highlighted and bulky. I have this issue with most of the hair downloads on here.

    • tim says

      Thats due to laptop mode (which you probably found out, it has been over a month since you posted this) but if its any help a CC creator made a laptop mode version of this hairstyle in all the EA colors :) their name is NotEgain i think, look them up if you’d like to keep on laptop mode ^_^

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