Mod The Sims: Hygiene Mod by Fissure

Mods: Hygiene Mod by Fissure from Mod The Sims

 Mod The Sims: Hygiene Mod  by Fissure I went a little different route on this one compared to my other mods in this theme.
All sinks have been given the hygiene gain from the sink with the highest hygiene gain in the game (6 is description value in-game).
Showers have been increased to 10 (2.51 in the game files) with an exception for the Get To Work reward shower that was given a value of 3.0 in the game files (rewards should be rewarding).
Bathtubs have also been increased to 10 (2.51) ingame with an exception for the two most expensive ones that have really high values at default for some reason (3.5 and 7.0).
The two hot-tubs hygiene performance was not changed since I consider they are not for getting clean, but i did raise the fun and environment on the cheaper hot-tub to that of the more expensive one.

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